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UPDATE 4/1/2013: Beverages or Social Agenda - Directors and CEO cave to the Immoral Minority.

In a recent meeting, the leaders at Starbucks continued their position on supporting homosexual behaviors and ignored that impact on business profits.  It seems that an ill-advised philosophy trumps business.  Again, Mr. Thomas Strobhar of The Corporate Morality Action Center
raised a question in a stockholders meeting about the obvious negative impact on sales because of the Starbucks position.  As a result he was basically told to sell his stock and go elsewhere (see article).

Mr. Art Ally from Timothy Plan Family of Mutual Funds had these thoughts:

“If everyone in America did what the CEO of Starbucks told Mr. Strobhar of Corporate Morality Action Center to do which was essentially, if you do not support gay marriage sell your stock and buy something else, he would bankrupt his company.  According to a recent Fox News poll less than half of Americans favor gay marriage, so Mr. Schulz is telling half of the country to jump in the lake and invest and/or shop elsewhere.  Not too bright, if you  think about it”.

It seems even the bottom line isn't the bottom line.


Recently a friend of this ministry was able to speak at a board meeting of the Starbucks Corporation.  The occasion was precipitated by top level management implementing policies that not only tolerate but promote the homosexual agenda within their corporate and public persona.

As a representative of a major stockholder, Mr. Strobhar was able to articulate some concerns regarding the policies of the all too apparent social agenda of the corporation.  This event was captured on video and also reported widely.  The YouTube video and the article from OneNewsNow speak for themselves in describing the event and what transpired.

Here is an excerpt from the OneNewsNow article:

Starbucks officials see no impact of the company's decision to endorse a same-gender "marriage" bill passed by lawmakers in Washington state.

StarbTom Strohbar (Corporate Morality Action Center)ucks' annual meeting of shareholders took place Wednesday in Seattle, home base of the popular coffee retailer. At the end of that meeting, shareholder Tom Strobhar, founder of The Corporate Morality Action Center, took the company to task for its pro-homosexual policies -- including support for homosexual marriage.

"What concerns me is possible economic boycotts, shareholder resolutions, things that might affect the sales of our company, the earnings," he stated. "Is it prudent to risk the economic interests of all the shareholders for something that might affect the private lives of a very small percentage of our employees?"

As always, Cultural Polluters would encourage Starbucks and other corporations to remain neutral on the social issues.  With these new policies, it is inevitable that people of traditional Judeo-Christian values will avoid Starbucks products just as Mr. Strobhar predicts once they become aware of the agenda.  It is not good business and it is not good for our country!

As you are out and about and get the craving for a specialty cup of coffee, please carefully consider what you might be supporting if you purchase from Starbucks. If you would like to find “clean” alternatives to Starbucks, or for more information, please call 1-877-634-2279, visit www.screenit-cleanit.com or email info@screenit-cleanit.com.

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