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For a company that owes it's very survival to the financial beating taken by investors, treading softly does not seem to be on the GM agenda.  With bankruptcy, dissolution of stock, closed dealerships and a taxpayer funded bail out in the billions of dollars, it would seem this would trigger some level of shame if nothing else, but not for General Motors.  It seems throwing anti-family values in the faces of the U.S. public is nothing to be concerned about.

The latest anti-family in your face occurred in the recent Winter Olympics with the most egregious advertisment aimed at inclusion for the destructive homosexual lifestyle.  According to GM, "family still means the same thing, but what makes a family is different".

This is complete nonsense, since by definition, a family is determined by God - not General Motors.

Unfortunately this is not their first or only violation (see Pollutants) and therefore General Motors is our March Polluter of the Month.

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As always, Cultural Polluters encourages General Motors and other corporations to remain neutral on the social issues and immoral behaviors.  With this current policy, it is inevitable that people of traditional Judeo-Christian values will avoid their services and products.  It is not good business and it is not good for our country!

Please carefully consider what you might be supporting when you use General Motors products or invest in their stock.

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